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Virginia Greer


Thanks to God and a great cloud of witnesses along the way, I am a cradle Methodist, a graduate of Shenandoah Conservatory, Shenandoah's Faith Seeking Justice Christian Leadership Program, and Candler School of Theology. I am grateful for the many opportunities both schools provided. Shenandoah gave me the chance to travel to Iona, Scotland, and Taize, France for a pilgrimage that set my course towards seminary. Candler brought me to Israel in January 2018, and I started my last semester in the Master's of Divinity program with tangible experiences of the gospel stories that first taught me the value of hope in Christ.

As I begin my life in ministry here in Cheriton and Oyster, I am eager to share that message of divine love and hope.

In my free time, I enjoy crocheting, knitting, playing flute, singing, and watching a little too much television. When I have time and gasoline, I like to explore the backroads and find out about the shore beyond route 13.

I look forward to meeting you, sharing my story and hearing yours.

Cheriton United Methodist




















Physical Address: 21309 Bayside Rd

                        Cheriton VA 23316


Bus. Rt. 13 On the corner of Bayside Road and Sunnyside Road














Travis Chapel United Methodist











Chapel By the Sea


Physical Address: 6412 Sunnyside Road

                                                    Oyster, VA 



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